Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs

Licensed Electrician for Electrical Repairs

Some home repairs are easy enough to do on your own. You don't need a license to caulk a leaky window seal or replace a rusted rain gutter. Other repairs can be a little trickier, or even unsafe, if you don't have the right tools and the right training.

It's simple enough to swap a light bulb, but changing out a socket, replacing old wiring, upgrading an electrical panel, these are tasks that need to be done in a specific way with specific equipment. That's why we call a licensed electrician when we have a job like this on our hands.

Affordable Electrical Repairs

Price isn't the only consideration when hiring a licensed electrician, but it's certainly a consideration. What you're looking for is not the cheapest service, but the best price on the best service. You're willing to pay what the job is worth, sure, but you don't want to be overcharged.

Why Hire Our Licensed Electrician?

Infinity Power is a family-owned company operated by our founder, Scott Daunais, who brings three decades of experience to the job. All of our electricians are fully licensed, bonded, insured screened, and background-checked.

And, well-trained in customer service. We know what it's like when a surly repairman knocks on your door. Nobody wants to have to deal with that. So we're looking for more than technical qualifications alone. We're looking for people who can do the job in a friendly, professional way. We look for people who are reliable, personable and helpful. We know you don't want just anybody working on your home or business, so we don't hire just anybody.

Let Infinity Power Handle Your Electrical Repairs

When hiring anyone to service your home, the key concern is trust.

Are you getting a fair price? Are you getting good, timely service? Can the contractor answer any questions you might have? Are they easy to deal with?

At Infinity Power, the answer to all of those questions is yes.

If you are looking for an electrician in Enderby, Okanagan, Shuswap, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Lake Country or Kelowna, give us a call or use our contact form for a free estimate, and let's see what we can do for you.

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