Panel Upgrades

Panel Upgrades

Replacing Old Electrical Panels is Smart

A sure sign of needing an upgraded electrical panel involves circuit breaks that keep being overloaded, dirt, webs and grit in the unit, flickering lights around the home or building grid, and appliances that seem to cut out but there’s nothing wrong with the electrical device when it is tested and plugged in somewhere else.

Electrical panels are the fundamental traffic direction and control point for the power draw of a home or building, but when the panel is using equipment and parts that are old or worn out, it’s going to eventually become the source of problems instead of doing its job managing the power distribution. With a professional replacement not only will a home or facility start running right again, the safety of the immediate power grid will improve tremendously as well.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Many times the major upgrade need tends to be new circuit breakers and wiring to handle additional loads for a modern home. This is frequently the case with older homes and new residents who bring in lots of technology that the original power grid was not designed for. Having an electrician upgrade electrical panel equipment is a smart way to give a home a new lease on life in terms of power management.

Affordable Electrical Upgrades

A panel upgrade doesn’t need to break the bank either. Affordable panel upgrades are very doable and possible, especially with a competitive approach from Infinity Power. Folks just need to reach out and let us show them what’s possible. We have a solution for every budget.

Why Hire Our Licensed Electrician?

At Infinity Power our professional electricians are fully licensed for all their work and scope, as well as being heavily experienced in knowing how to deal with the toughest of electrical panel challenges. They don’t cut corners, guess through jobs, or play games with people's safety. Instead, every technician comes with a full training portfolio for even the toughest of problems, as well as delivering a high Infinity Power quality of service on every job performed.

Let Us Handle Your Electrical Panel Upgrades

The wiring for a home or building is a complicated affair and a panel replacement should never be considered a do-it-yourself project. First, all electrical repairs, upgrades and replacement have to be performed to local code. Most non-electricians are not up to date on what the latest code requirements include and will often overlook issues that can put a home or building out of compliance very quickly. That can literally make it impossible to sell the property later until the issue is fully remedied and verified by a regulating inspector.

Second, simple but critical mistakes can actually create safety hazards for homes, especially as improper wiring and connections create fire hazards and risks for powerful shorts that, at a minimum, can do serious property damage. A professional electrician should always be called upon to address an electrical panel upgrade, and Infinity Power is available when you need us in Enderby BC and nearby. Just give us a call or email or text, and we will get a technician over to help take care of your panel needs asap.

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